A new ruling concerning GDPR compliance can now apply to all UK businesses that have paid tax in the past two years. This can be corporation tax or any tax that has been paid through self assessment by sole traders and partnerships Since May 2018, all UK businesses were required to be GDPR compliant if they obtain, stored and processed personal data. However according to the latest figures nearly 75% of UK businesses are still not GDPR compliant. We suspect that figure is higher. This has placed any company that is not GDPR compliant at risk of a regulatory fine or being sued by clients for not keeping their data safe. The risk companies now face. The regulatory fine for non GDPR compliance can be 4% of your total company earnings and if one or more of your clients sue your company for not keeping their data safe the payout could be enormous and would put you out of business! This is a fact! According to the 2006 Companies Act every UK business needs to "Mitigate risk" and make a "Provision to mitigate that risk". GDPR non compliance puts your company at risk of ICO fines and client litigation. Once a director is made aware of this risk, it is his "fiduciary duty" to create a "GDPR monetary compensation reserve or fund" to mitigate that risk. How does this entitle you to claim back your tax for the last two years? Every UK business that is not GDPR Compliant should create a GDPR compensation fund to pay any ICO fine or litigation in the case of a data breach! You may now be eligible to reclaim the last two years tax for your “GDPR Compensation Fund”. *Once the funds have been returned it is up to each company how they use the returned funds but we strongly advise that you strengthen your cyber security. If you need more information about this please contact the Help Desk on 02897 204273 or send an email to us at info@thedpoa.com
The GDPR Tax Claim Back from HMRC
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Please Note: The GDPR Reclaim is based in LAW and not accountancy. This Legal Petition is performed by GDPR Experts and Legal Representatives and does not require any accountant or accountancy. Only qualified GDPR experts and their legal teams can perform this reclaim petition!